So Leodis McKelvin and Donte Whitner are going to be out for a while. Both will leave major holes to fill on the Bills’ defense. McKelvin has got a solid replacement, but Whitner – who Brian Dawkins was to the Philadelphia Eagles from an emotional standpoint – is virtually irreplaceable.

But here’s the thing: the Bills defense is very good. We saw that Sunday, holding Drew Brees to virtually nothing and forcing the Saints to exploit a line backing corp devastated by injuries. Get these guys on the same page via a big week in practice and the defense can be average.

Average? Yes, I’m aiming for average. It’s all the Bills need if the offense can get it together – which, by the way, WILL happen this weekend when Marshawn Lynch returns from a three-game suspension.

Don’t think so? You should. There is, perhaps, no better a two-pronged mix of thunder and lighting than Lynch and Fred Jackson. The running game was respectable with Jackson alone – throw Beast Mode in there and it becomes downright scary.

If you can run the ball, you control the clock – and the ball game. Look it up.

Oh, and by the way – the Bills still have Lee Evans and Terrell Owens, as well as a host of fast third and fourth wide receivers, to throw the ball to. How are you going to cover these guys as well as two potential Pro Bowl running backs?

Twenty-four hours after a crushing (to me it was crushing – overall, the Bills were not crushed in a traditional sense) defeat to New Orleans, I’m feeling a bit more optimistic. The Bills have lost two games. There are still 13 left to play.

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