Money cures anything, according to everything.

I’ve got no problem with money. It’s fine. Lord knows, I feel blessed to have enough of it to buy my share of shit I don’t need. But it’s a crutch.

Relative died? Start up a memorial fund in their name. That’ll make you feel like you’re doing all you can to remember them.

Kids starving in the county next to yours? By all means, raise money for them at a table outside of Wal-Mart. Get some elderly lady from a church to stand behind it – that’ll really guilt people into contributing.

Pretty much the same goes for every ailment – pass on a buck, and you’ll feel like you’re doing what you can.

But we go on with life afterward, doing the same things that made the helpless enter the predicaments they’re in. Within minutes of donating 5 bucks to the starving kids fund, we’re avoiding the starving kids’ parents when we see them on the street. True, they’re not ours to take care of, but they are ours to respect, encourage and give a smile.

The inspirational, emotional impact these actions may have can do more than $5.

There is an ever-present “issue” with the fine line between reaping the bounties of our own hard work and looking out for out neighbor. Too often, it seems, people find it safer to walk on their own side of that line rather than taking the chance of being manipulated. Part of this comes from those who do manipulate.

However, when we classify those in need as manipulators, we do so unjustifiably and shut out the folks who need only a little push or nudge in the right direction. We can’t change those who choose not to be changed, but we can help those who do not ask for help if and only if we have our ears open.

And money, it seems – donations, etc. – is the safest route of avoidance when it comes to this predicament. We give dollars but we don’t make sense. We pay for good but we don’t do it.

And we need to, regardless of our income, do what we know is good.

That’s my two cents.

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