We are losing ourselves to capitalism.

I know this.

Where I just moved – the “buckle” of the Bible belt – the city council is real close to getting rid of the old school blue laws, which state, in summary, you can’t buy anything but non-alcoholic food before noon on Sundays.

Blue laws stupid? Absolutely. Should have never been there in the first place just because they’re only for Christians – don’t do much in terms of respecting, say, Muslims.

Not that we have too many of those in these here parts.

Although their ceasing to exist is a victory for freedom of religion, that doesn’t appear to be the reason council’s one reading away from ousting them: a downtrodden local economy has led the government to do all it can to enhance retail.

That’s right, folks. It’s all about the Benjamins.

I’m not upset these laws are going away. On a visit several months back, I tried to purchase a bathing suit for my daughter before noon on a Sunday and couldn’t. It’s a little ridiculous that some people think Jesus would be offended by that.

I am upset a tradition that’s been in place for decades and has become an county’s claim to fame among other counties has been disrupted due to money.

What is next?

I fear the day it becomes more economical for Florida land developers to set their sites on South Carolina rather than North Carolina, which will be pretty tapped-out from a developer‘s standpoint within the next couple decades.

How will councils vote then?

When we let money make the decisions for us, we’re relinquishing our control as humans. We have no free will.

The dollars make the choices, not us.

And we lose everything in the process.

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