The Bills can still go 13-3

Don’t look now, but the Buffalo Sabres are undefeated.

If they keep this up and the Bills continue to digress, my annual attention switch could take place much earlier than when the Bills are eliminated from playoff contention, which is usually how it happens.

Yeah right. I wish that were the case.

Instead we get news about 97 percent of Bills fans disapproving of the job head coach Dick Jauron’s doing, T.O.’s refusal to pick on Trent Edwards for being a pussy California boy and even commentaries comparing the Bills to General Motors.

It all motivates me to stick with them. In an obsessed fan sort of way that makes me think I’m getting out of hand, I feel like they need me.

Earlier today, I sent a pro-Bills e-mail to a friend who told me the Bills had better not let him down because he was starting their defense for his fantasy team this week. They’ll finish 10-6, I told him.

Really, Justin? Do ya really think that or are you just praying for it?

I don’t know. I Bill-ieve, though, and any team can win on any given Sunday. String a few of those given Sundays together and …

Now THAT is wishful thinking.

Here’s what I can assure you, in all seriousness: If the Bills throttle the Cleveland Browns Sunday, I will be thrilled. If they barely win but still win on Sunday, I will be thrilled.

If, however, they lose to on Sunday, I will be optimistic. If they get crushed (hey – they were actually favored in last week’s throttling by Miami), I’ll be optimistic.

I’d like to say I know when to abandon hope, but I don’t. I know damn-well that I will wait until the analysts tell me there is no chance of the Bills making the playoffs to officially give up on the 2009 season.

They can lose as embarrassingly as they want, but a 38-10 loss still shows up the same on a team’s overall record as a loss by a point.

The Bills can still go 13-3.

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