So someone barged into a high rise office building in Orlando and started shooting and killing people.

Want to know how to prevent this in the future?

To me, it’s common sense. Outlaw guns. We, as a whole, simply cannot be trusted with them. Save the “don’t bad people spoil it for the people who are good” argument for someone who gives a crap. No. Life will go on without guns. That’s the cold, hard truth, and if you don’t believe it, call any phone number in London and ask them how they’re doing tonight.

I’m usually the first one to say the government shouldn’t be telling us how to sail or ship when their’s is headed off the edge of the flat world in which we live. But we also make things like, say, Thalidomide or DDT, which serve the purpose they were created for but also do things like, say, cause birth defects and near extinction of our nation’s symbolic bird.

Yet freedom isn’t brought to the forefront of silly debates on college campuses when people mention them not being used anymore. No one feels they’re being “tread on” by the fact they’ve been taken away.

Say racquetball-related deaths at YMCAs skyrocketed to the point where 50 to 100 people died each month across the nation. Know what would happen? Bye-bye racquetball … and no one would question it.

I apply the same arguments to hunters, who I acknowledge as the real losers in outlawing guns. It sucks, but, you know what? If hunters can’t see that this would be for the greater good of mankind, maybe they shouldn’t be walking around in wooded areas carrying a loaded gun.

Oops – we made a mistake. That’s all that needs to be said. Maybe, after all, dear people of the United States, we shouldn’t have let the general public have guns to begin with.

Why is that so hard?

Oh, that’s right – I’ve seen the National Rifle Association Bumper stickers that say, “If guns are outlawed, then only criminals would have guns.” Right. That’s a workable formula. Last I checked, if we started only manufacturing guns for law enforcement and other government officials, it’d be reasonable to assume that in a matter of time only THEY would have guns.

Sure, it’d be a little unfair until all the guns that are currently out there become extinct, but at least we’d get the clock ticking if we stopped making and selling them to Mr. Joe Generalpublic now.

Bottom line is, we can’t be trusted. We are literally shooting ourselves in the foot with this one.

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