When you’re a Bills fan, every year is “next year.”

Here I go again. I get myself this fancy blog, tap it into Facebook, etc., etc., etc. – and I’m typing away with Bills-related crap.

But they fired Dick Jauron today. They got rid of the world’s nicest tumor. No one should be surprised to be reading this.

Unfortunately, I am excited as to what this will bring. The door is open now and what a great time for it to be. Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Mike Holmgren. Look at all those Super Bowl-winning coaches on the market.

This, my friends, is why I called me excitement “unfortunate.”

You know who Ralph Wilson’s going to sign? Someone stupid. Someone like Ted Cottrell or Fletcher Harvey … you know – someone you’ve never heard of.

(You should know at this point the name “Fletcher Harvey” just popped into my head – I have no idea who that is.)

It’ll be the same when it comes to addressing quarterback. The Bills will get the fourth or fifth qb taken and expect him to be like Jim Kelly. Pah.

The Ralph Wilson will come off with an idiotic quote to justify his reluctance to add big name. “We tried that with Terrell Owens. We tried that with Drew Bledsoe.”

Pah again. Owens and Bledsoe ended up with the Bills because their former teams didn’t want ‘em – even worse when it came to Bledsoe, we traded for him, meaning he didn‘t have a choice in the matter. Ever thought about making Buffalo a team superstars want to play for?

In other words, Ralph, ever thought about paying them? Don’t give me the “Owens got $6 mill for one year” argument, either. Stupid choices don’t count.

(We paid the oldest player on our team the most money. I rest my case.)

We need to take a guy who’s actually desired by other teams – guys like Michael Turner or Alan Faneca were a couple years ago – and say, “Hey – this is a wonderful organization to play for and you can help us get over that next hump,” and bring them onboard.

Signing T.O. from Philly = smart move by the Bills, had it occurred. Signing him after Dallas = an indicator we like washed-up has-beens.

ANYWAY, the same scheme’s going to be followed when it comes to the next coach. We ain’t going for the good ones because that just isn’t our thing in Buffalo. So forget Cowher, Shanahan, Dungy, Holmgren or Jon Gruden.

Realistically, I submit that you can expect to see – and I have no complaints about it at this point – Perry Fewell the Bills coach come 2010.

One of the great success stories has been Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers, who did well after taking over in the middle of the year for that guy who got mad because the league wouldn’t let him wear suits on the sidelines, and continues to be a success. I think Fewell could end up being the same.

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