Regardless of what you think about him (I know I personally despise him, but for football reasons only), you’ve gotta hand it to Tom Brady for calling his team out.

In an interview posted Monday on, Brady reiterates what he said after his Patriots lost to Miami Sunday.

“At times I don’t think we fight very hard.”

Good for Brady. Time and time again, people have been saying New England’s dynasty has come to an end, the mystique is lost and so forth. They’ve got a lot of good players, but no great players, I heard an ESPN radio show host say.

Really? Is that what people think? Let’s hear what they say in a month.

Because one thing I assure you is that the New Orleans Saints will not win the Super Bowl. I’d also like to place a bet that Indianapolis is not going to win it. And while the Patriots have lost two straight and are clinging to the lead in the AFC East, I guarantee you the other teams in their division – and entire conference – haven’t counted them out.

See, the Pats, I believe, have taken something from each of their losses. They were beaten by Denver and the Jets fair and square. At the time, Denver and the Jets were better, and I’ll admit that. It was a flavor of the day-type situation, but that day has passed – it won’t happen again.

Let’s not forget the command they had in the Indianapolis game. What were they winning by … a million points in the fourth quarter? They had their way with the Colts and would have won had the team been in that position before.

But it was much of the team’s first experience with a much-hyped game – but that seal’s been broken, and I suspect it won’t happen again. Not with Bill Belichick at the helms.

Same with the crushing loss to New Orleans. The team had never faced that caliber of offense. Next time, they’ll know exactly what to do. Remember, the Buffalo Bills held Drew Bress without a touchdown pass. New England can, too.

Miami? A simple letdown. Inexperience doing its thing again. Will it happen again? Hell no.

So here’s Tom Brady, doing what Tom Brady does, lighting a fire under his players. He can’t control the fact many of the guys are young, but he can inspire them to play harder and give 100 percent. Good for him.

It’s a given that the New England Patriots will make the playoffs. They close out the year with the Panthers, Bills, Jaguars and Texans. They will finish 11-5 or 10-6. They’ll win the division.

And once they’re in the playoffs, the party’s on. The kinks will have been worked out and the Patriots will roll.

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