I’d like to congratulate a good friend on getting married tonight.
But I’d mostly like to make this about me, since that’s what I generally do on here.
Andy Nuffer. I recall chasing you around the dining room floor of my childhood home of 111 S. Main St., Portville, N.Y., during the days of our lives in which my mother babysat for you and your brother, Jay. I next recall school – which was school like school can only be, and therefore worthy of little critique. After that, life – real life, as in what is and what may be – comes to mind. I offer no critique on this, for it was what it was, although I hope you understand I remember the entire shenanigan as if it happened one day ago.
That is why, folks, as I make this about me, I’d like to bring up exactly what I am feeling on this day.
There are five people, not counting those I’ve forgotten, in this world who have the power to bring my sarcastic, humanity-in-general-is-a-bunch-of-religious-folks-who-foster-only-the-beliefs-that-benefit-them-no-matter-what-they-alledge kind of approach down to size. They’re the people who make me wish I were near them, no matter where they are. I can tell you Corey J. Wesley’s one, despite his disregard (Hell yes, I‘m going to leave this open), Ryan Carr’s another (he is with the Army in Iraq, but he was a brother long before that), my parents knock out two slots and Nuffer takes care of another.
That’s not to say I don’t care about the other folks in my life. It is just to say I care about them less.
Well, Hell. I guess that means I should say something nice about the person Andy married tonight. Not that it’s a problem. Brianna, although I’d like to disapprove because, as a rule, I prefer to disapprove of things, is someone I approve. There is no one in this world, whom I have met, anyway, who could put up with Andy’s machismo bullshit I have witnessed – which, mind you, does far from demonstrate, possibly, the way Andy truly is – as she does. And if Andy wants to put up with your New England Patriots garbage, and Boston Red Sox nonsense …. (I am swearing here) he’s a better man than I.
Andy must have soft insides that aren’t on display when I’m around. That wouldn’t be surprising since I seem to bring out the most manliest of men. I think it’s because I listen to Willie Nelson.
Anyway, I guess tonight was a reminder, for me, of how far removed I am from my home. I should have been there for you.
Yes, I will forever call Portville, N.Y., my home. Andy and Brie (forgive me for not knowing how this should be spelled – I never asked) were married somewhere near Boston; I should have been there. Andy is my boy. I would have loved it, hated it, but loved it most because I understood and slightly appreciated … everything.
For God’s sake, this is what people do at our age, correct?
Please tell me it is. Wait, nevermind.
Because … oh Lord …
To the newest Mr. and Mrs. Nuffer Honea Path, S.C., just love each other. That will be what leads you through troubled times. Hold on to your principles. Believe what you have believed since childhood. And don’t be shocked – or even worse, intimidated – if people chastise you. You should follow your hearts, for your hearts are what brought you together.
Not to sound gay or clichéd, but I also hope the Nuffer family remembers charity. And I hope they speak for the unspoken. I hope they give voices to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless, for that is the prosperity I believe God intends for them – and all people – to strive.
I love you guys.

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