Started the New Year off right with a day of mountain biking. I don’t know why it’s taken me three months of living here to refrain from using my road bike and get a little middy, I’m glad I did.

My dad and I hit a couple of trails in the Abbeville, S.C., region of Sumter National Forest. There’s about 25 miles of them, according to trail maps. We rode about five miles that got pretty technical at a few points. Some hills, but none that a novice couldn’t climb; Roots, rocks and slick spots covered by leaves were rather frequent.

Really, it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. They did an excellent job cutting this trail out … it felt more downhill than up, even though it was probably about even. Flat spots came right at points of a climb when they were needed.

It definitely helped my outlook of this area, which has been pretty negative as of late. I need to do that more often because it’s a fun activity that also keeps me away from other people, which is something I’ve always tried to do. I still managed to get pissed off a couple of times because beer cans were strewn all over the roadways … the mere thought of throwing garbage out my car window sickens me. Come on people, it’s a national forest. At least wait until you’re someplace where the bureaucrats have to clean it up.

I plan to head back as soon as I can. I’ll take my video cam so everyone can see for themselves. Maybe it will get people riding some.

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