I heard on the news that dating Web site beautifulpeople.com decided to oust about 5,000 of its members for gaining weight over Christmas. Apparently, guys and girls complained after they were set up on dates with people they thought were fat, so this had to have been a sting operation that began well before Christmas.

Regardless, that might explain the e-mail I got from them.

(That did not actually happen.)

This whole situation is going to conjure the Sensitivity Police. Probably a sack of liberals from California who believe everyone’s feelings count. But nothing’s going to happen because of it. I can’t imagine the Sensitivity Court stepping in and forcing the Web site to quit its heinous actions.

Anyway, some profiteer needs to swoop in and start something for the 5,000 who no longer meet beautifulpeople.com’s standards. There are tons of possible names for an entity to accommodate them, so I’m not going to bog you down with suggestions like heifer.com or wildebeast.org, but I will say these vulnerable men and women would surely like to have a Web site they can call home.

God forbid they use the dating Web sites millions of others use.

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