From here on out, there will be no more swearing on my blog. I’m also no longer going to go on 500-word tangents when after I’ve been drinking beer. Hell, nothing’s private anymore.

The reason, you may ask, is this: Believe it or not, someone in the readership of the paper I write for found my blog and posted it in the comment section of one of my stories. That’s fine by me, minus the fact whoever did it identified themselves as me, as I wouldn’t publish my blog online if I cared who read it. Trouble is, it’s now connected to the newspaper, which means I can‘t write anything I want. Ever, if I plan on sharing it.

So hello and God Bless, commenters on my paper’s Web site. You’re right – I can’t escape you.

I guess that’s pretty much it. I had a wonderful day today with some solid stories to report, but you will never hear them.

I have also removed all entries related to stories I’ve written for the Index-Journal. So don’t bother looking for them.

In fact, thanks to you, the only thing I can really write about on here without fear of getting sued for libel is the Buffalo Bills. I also have to run spell check. Thanks. Appreciate it.

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