Oh, good. John Edwards admitted he fathered a child conceived during an extramarital affair. And Mark Sanford apologized “one last time” for his fling in Argentina.

Now I can sleep easier.

Personally, I do not care what these politicians are doing in their spare time. As long as it doesn’t involve using tax dollars to make arrangements (which, in all fairness, they’re still looking into that in Sanford’s case), it’s not going to put a hitch in my day.

I don’t envision myself ever “chasing down” a story on a politician cheating on their spouse. That’s a problem in the home. I feel the same way about Sarah Palin’s daughter.

Go ahead and throw Tiger Woods into this mix.

Here in South Carolina, the issue seem to have with Sanford is he did something immoral. The issue people will tell you they have with it is he might have used tax money. Nice cover up, if you ask me.

I can feel it in me bones – the governor cheating on his wife (with a foreigner, no less!) is fightin’ words to one of the reddest states in the Union. I’ve never heard one because I tend to avoid church, but I’m sure many a Sunday sermon has addressed this very issue and the immorality surrounding it.

Do I dare suggest the same thing regarding Edwards in North Carolina? I’ve lived there, too – and I say, “Absolutely.”

If people want to dislike a politician for not doing a good job, obviously that’s fine. Edwards always rubbed me the wrong way when he was in office in N.C., and Sanford – who’s only governed the state in which I reside for a couple of months – just seems like a strange man. I don’t like either, but I assure you it has nothing to do with their domestic issues.

When did we start considering politicians role models for our children? How did we let this happen – they work for the government, which has single-handedly become one the least trust-worthy entity in the world, according to me.

You looking to politicians – who are oftentimes lawyers as well, adding to the inferno of deception – for guidance on how to lead a good life? That’s like looking to Chan Gailey to lead your football team to a Super Bowl win. It’s like expecting Martha Stewart to host a hunting show.

People are going to do what people do. Unless they’re in the business of marriage counseling, who the Hell gives a shit?

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