Top 10 driving irritations of the day:
These are in no particular order.
1. Left lane hoggers. It’s a four-lane road, people. If you’re in the left-hand lane and cars are passing you on the right, not only is it a good idea to move over, it’s the law.
2. “Hey Jim!” While Jim always deserves a shout-out, it’s not a bright idea to stop in the middle of a the road to give him one. Life will go on if you can’t acknowledge his presence without risking the lives of your fellow motorists.
3. Scrap irons. Is this an attempt to win a lawsuit? I don’t know, but I can’t find a good reason for hobos to be trudging up the shoulder of a road in all black at night time. Guess who’s fault it’s going to be if they get struck by a vehicle.
4. People stopping traffic to let someone turn. Come on. Seriously? It’s one thing to leave a little space at a red light … even that’s inexcusable in my book. But to come to a halt for no reason other than to be a nice guy should be punishable by jail time.
5. You missed your turn. So go on past and turn around. Common sense, right? Not so fast – time and time again, I catch people stopping in the middle of a straight-bound lane to turn because they missed the lane designated for them to do so. Take your medicine and move on. No one else should suffer – or be put at risk – because you screwed up.
6. 23 in a 25. If a road is listed as a 25 mph zone, chances are there is no reason for it. Ideally, people should be doing 35. It will be safe, and probably won’t get anyone pulled over. But we don’t live in an ideal world, do we? That’s why anything between 25 and 34 is mildly annoying, and anything less than 25 is unacceptable.
7. Do ya not see me? Someone pulls out in front of me 32 times per day. Easily. But it’s not pulling out NASCAR-style like people do in New York – it’s the Southern variation, which is unbelievable. These people will oftentimes roll through a stop sign and accelerate very slowly in front of you, as if you’re not coming down the road. It’s like you don’t even exist.
8. Littering. Don’t peg me as an environmentalist because this pisses me off. Peg me as a cyclist. How can anyone not think twice about tossing full bags of garbage, fast food sacks, pizza boxes and God know what else out of their vehicle? Have you no pride whatsoever in your town? Guess who gets a good look at (and smell of) that the next time he’s pedaling down the highway – me. Thanks.

In that vein, here’s a photo from to make myself happy:

I did have a good day. Got two new tires on my car, a haircut, picked up some photo enlargements I also bought frames for, and strolled around downtown taking pictures with Kalista after a nice lunch outside. Kalista was with me the entire day. I didn’t have the heart to leave her at day care on a day off from work. I also experienced mild success setting up interviews for Thursday and Friday, which should help me meet the demands of the byline count my new editors seem to be in love with keeping track of. Guess it’s quantity over quality now. Lovely.

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