Guy from Visa Commercial to Miss First Super Bowl

Talk about irony.

Since well before “Lombardi” was the name of a Broadway play, Brett Favre met Jenn Sterger or had his first professional massage, or anyone knew who the heck Mike McCarthy was, Robert Cook of Brown Deer, Wis., has been attending Super Bowls.

Every one of them, in fact, since 1967.

However, the Associated Press has reported his first miss will be today’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers – an absence brought on by health issues. Now for the irony.

Ever heard of a place called “Brown Deer?” Probably not. Like Green Bay, Wis., its only national notariety is – arguably – entangled with professional football. As if it’s necessary to state, Cook’s favorite team is the Packers.

But that’s not what’s most ironic.

Cook is one of the four strapping old men featured on Visa’s commercial for a promotion that will send a cardholder to every Super Bowl for the rest of his or her life, should they win. Cook and his three cronies are part of the biographed “Never Miss a  Super Bowl Club.”

The Visa commercial played roughly once per 3.6 seconds throughout 2010 and 2011 on the NFL Network, ESPN, NBC, Fox and probably – although this is only a hunch – on the Playboy channel.

Upon hearing the news, the Cooks’ fellow club members – 106-or-so-year-olds Donald Crisman, Larry Jacobson and Thomas Henschel – voted in a called meeting Saturday night to oust Cook from the club.

“That’ll teach that Freedent-chewing son of a (explicitive),” said Henschel, who is a Steelers fan.

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