Michael Vick hounded over the weekend

Michael Vick ran into some trouble this weekend.

 Or did he?

 According to several reports read online, Vick was giving a mentor-like speech to a group of children in Dallas  when, as he was leaving, he was approached by a reporter holding a photograph of a dog she’d adopted from “Bad Newz Kennels” – the dog fighting establishment Vick was tied to and eventually earned him a prison sentence.

“(He) turned and looked at the picture … then looked me right in the eye … and walked away,” the reporter said.

My questions are these: a.) what’d the woman expect and b.)what was this woman’s motive for showing the picture to Vick? It can’t be something other than getting his reaction, which she’d more than likely report (oh wait – she did that).

Say she’s unapologetic about that being her motive. I’ll admit – it isn’t a bad way to see just how sincere Vick is during all of these “I love animals” and “watch the people you hang out with” speeches. But could it really work?


 Michael Vick, I’m sure, has had enough of reporters. The little bastards practically grew from his hip whenever he’d walk into court for a legal hearing. Think they were always fair and accurate while demonstrating their rule over the court of public opinion?

Michael Vick looked this reporter – who’s merely a radio reporter, by the way – “right in the eye” before walking away not to say he didn’t give a crap about the dog, but to say, “What’s your point?”

He just didn’t use the words. They would have been all over whatever podcast or local radio station she worked. So I’ll say it.

“What’s your point, lady?”  

(The blog is done at this point. However, below are some more photos that popped up when I searched for Michael Vick images.)


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