The reason for any season

Few things in my life are as awful as taking down holiday decorations. It’s a task that’s dismal, depressing, discouraging and downright dreary.

 It is entirely my fault.

I wait the entire year to decorate the house for Halloween in early October. A month later, it’s Thanksgiving, followed by a tinsel and blinking light-covered event calling for an entire transformation of the house: Christmas. All of it’s done for Kalista – and all of it’s done for the year by the first weekend in January.

It’s just awful. But I already said that. So this year, the decorating season was extended to more than a business quarter with the inclusion of Valentine’s Day. I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day. 

On the mantle, I put a vase of pink carnations, along with cards, a candle and heart tinsel. On the living room shelf went a rose in a vase, decorative bear and another candle. The dining room table had some heart-shaped candle centerpiece I purchased for $9.99. Fake rose petals – red and pink – were about these places.

Again, it was all for Kalista. I wouldn’t do this for myself.

It hurt, therefore, to notice she really didn’t give a crap. Not like Christmas, when she saw the living room lit with lights in garland where the walls meet the ceiling and glowed more than they did. Or like Halloween, when she declared she wasn’t afraid of the scary display in the front yard but stared it down every time we backed out of the driveway in the car. Since January, Kalista barely touched the same dish that held pink, red and white candy corn she had ravaged for red and green chocolate covered almonds two months prior.

I realized I didn’t want this time of decorating to end … but it ended none the less. It had lost its luster.

As I began to take Valentine’s Day down at out house, I remembered what I’d said to Kalista earlier in the day on the way to school – and several hundred times before – when she asked why it didn’t snow more often.

“If it happened all the time,” I said, “you wouldn’t think it was a big deal.”

And that was it. No St. Patrick’s Day décor; no thoughts of what to do for Easter. Poor President’s Day.

However, come Halloween time, there’s going to be some decorations – maybe an entire house with fake dead bodies – going up. But not a moment before then.

After all, if it happened all the time, none of it would be a big deal.

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One Response to The reason for any season

  1. momsc says:

    She might not seem to notice now, but when she’s all grown up…..she’ll remember. You are a good dad, Justin.

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