Almost time to be undemocratic

BOLIVAR, N.Y. – Soon, there won’t be enough room on Earth for all the humans we’re making.

That’s what Doomsday officials are saying once again, this time via a United Nations prediction the world’s population will increase some 30 percent between 2012 and 2050. Humans won’t be able to produce enough food to feed all the poor people in places other than America, the report essentially said.

It’s true.

Well, it’s true these suit-wearing Doomsday officials have been saying this for a while now. George Orwell predicted in 1948 we’d be America’s interpretation of the Soviet Union by 1984. I’ve sat through numerous government meetings featuring presenters similar to Orwell, except they were wearing suits.

I remember one guy with the state of North Carolina showed a Power Point map of what the Tarheel State is expected to look like in 50 years: Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte – currently separated by hundreds of interstate miles – will essentially be one city. I’m sure projections are even more “glum” in states like California, where everyone seems to move and produce/attract other people.

I don’t mean to sound skeptical of this stuff. I think the gist is true – that the world’s population is booming – but don’t know if it’s as dramatic as people are making it. According to my instinct, which is based on no research whatsoever, we’ve got at least 200 years until there’s no room for people anymore.

And I’m not ashamed to say my great-great-great-great-grandchildren’s living conditions are of little concern to me at the moment.

Jokes aside, what we are going to have to do is make that hard call that hurts a lot of feelings. We’re going to have to go with a Darwinian “survival of the fittest” model, abandon the organic food/free-range chicken movement and go to great lengths to stop people from being born.

Don’t jump on my case just yet. We can do this subtly, in increments over time as long as we start yesterday.

  • If the going gets tough, folks who rely on others for food the most are going to die. It’s a fact. All of those handouts will be the first to go in a world where rich people go hungry.
  • The organic food/free-range chicken movement is a nice idea. Surely, each California-born idea has merit when it comes to health benefits and chickens’ rights. But come on. What’s going to produce more food – a wide-open field where chickens have more freedom than Thomas Jefferson’s slaves or a birthing sweatshop for birds? We’ll need lots of food, remember.
  • We’re also going to have to, at some point, stop people from being born. The various sex education works mildly, at best, in the U.S.; it’s non-existent in some pockets of God’s world. Teaching people to use contraceptives isn’t working. Teaching people nothing isn’t working even more.

The last one’s a particularly interesting quandary. We have no society worth saving if we jump in Hitler-style and start killing the masses in poor countries. However, our inability to relate to one another has created an environment in which we’re strangled by our own ideals. Using Christianity as an example only because it’s most familiar to me, consider what would happen if we made a pill that could terminate a pregnancy. Despite it being a clearly effective response to overpopulation, many wouldn’t use it because of something they heard in church. There’s a good chance such a product would never see the light of day to begin with.

It could also be a call for universal morality (whatever that is). Some Jesus freaks might argue the “no sex before marriage” thing works for population control. They could be right.

Trouble is, they’ve been spouting lines off about that since Hester Prynne wore a scarlet letter – and there’s still sex for the sake of sex. “Morals” are not the same around the world, nor will they ever be. Thank God for that.

There will, therefore, come a day when we resort to common sense and stop doing “American” things to keep everyone happy. It could be as simple as accepting the inevitable rhythm of humanistic tendencies, such as the desire to breed, and addressing them.

Making sure folks have access to birth control, the know-how to use it and means to terminate a pregnancy isn’t good enough. This needs to happen around the world, including in those pesky developing nations only nosy missionaries visit.

Or we’ll have to resort to savagery.


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