Day 2,038

Dear Kalista,

You are now 2,038 days old. What have you done?

For starters, you’ve learned to read. That’s probably the biggest step you’ve taken in your formal education. You’re working on sharing, which will be the most important accomplishment of your social endeavors – when and if you get the hang of it. (Many adults never learn to share.)

You have also become selfless. That’s the biggest thing you can be, Kalista. Through this selflessness, you have instinctively learned to appreciate time with people you love. You do not play with toys by choice – you play with toys to pass time when you must. You prefer to be with me; you prefer to be with your grandparents. I’m proud of your preference for simplicity at its best.

And you’ve made my day – all of them, actually – through this development. You can call that something you got done. You handed me the pictured napkin tonight as we waited for our food in Huddle House. Items echoing the sentiment you’ve made for me recently include a bookmark in Sunday School, sheet of notebook paper on Valentine’s Day and a large number of household, packing and scavenged construction materials.

These are all things many a wealthy man longs for.

So, if it does anything for you, know you’ve made me richer than I’d ever hoped. Know I need nothing or no one as long as I have you. Know I’m proud of you on this 2,038th day of your life, and know I look forward to the rest of the days God gives us together.



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One Response to Day 2,038

  1. momsc says:

    No matter how old she gets, you will always be her hero.

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