A new old way to get groceries

It’s rare I have something nice to share. So when I do, I should probably go ahead and do it. Here ya go: http://upstatesc.locallygrown.net/

Folks, this is an awesome way to get groceries. What you do is log in (after you’ve set up a username), browse the inventory from numerous local farms, place an order and pick it up the day it’s scheduled to be at your selected delivery site. 

From the site:

  • You enter your contact information at “YOUR ACCOUNT” and select your preferred DROP-OFF LOCATION.
  • WE send out weekly HARVEST NEWS EMAIL to signal open ordering on Thursday evening.
  • You browse the over 400 locally produced products on the MARKET PAGE 24/7
  • You order directly from local farms and businesses by filling your cart on the MARKET page, then going to check out.
  • YOU receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL from the website, invoicing and totaling your order.
  • YOU click on the Pay Pal “Donate” Button and deposit any amount to draw down for your local groceries. (Once you deposit, funds are redeemable in products, not cash)
  • WE close the ordering on monday morning and send the Harvest email to each “GROWER”.
  • THE GROWERS pick and pack each order and meet us at a central location with your products.
  • WE put your orders together and hand them to you within hours at your appointed pick up time.
  • YOU Enjoy your local fare and make plans for what you would like for next week. :0)
  •  This was something my mom told me about in February. I figured it wouldn’t have much until spring, so I didn’t give it too much thought at the time. I looked last week just for the heck of it: It’s definitely not something that’s seasonal. I came away with 50 bucks worth of free-range eggs (the packaging is made from recycled pop bottles) from a farm in Honea Path, S.C., a two-pound block of butter, a gallon of milk that hasn’t been homogenized (which I discovered tonight makes milk taste like water), fresh oregano and rosemary, chicken crap compost (for the garden) and grits from a farm in Pelzer, S.C.

    It was also pretty cool that when I submitted the order last week, I did not pay for it due to a question I included. My thought was – possibly the misguided product of the automated “Walmart” world I’m accustomed to, which  schedules everything to be done instantaneously – someone would e-mail me back the next day with the answer to my inquiry (I was unclear as to where to pick up my order the following Wednesday). I’d pay once I got my answer, assuming pickup fit into my schedule.

    Well, no one replied.

    So when a woman from a local place called this morning to say I could pick up my order between 2:30 and 5 p.m., I was a shocked. I hadn’t paid a dime, I thought – please don’t rip these farmers off because of me!

    It ended up being all right. I received my stuff (all of it’s produced locally), paid online a few hours later and am already thinking about what I can buy next week. There’s something almost liberating about buying herbs in a Ziplock bag that were clearly put there by a human being, butter in a 2-pound brick (it has 11 grams of fat per tablespoon, by the way) and milk that’ll be separated if you don’t shake it before drinking.

    I’m also happy with my two feed bags of chicken poop, tied off almost proudly with bristly twine.

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