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Occupy S.C. 72 Bypass

It felt like I was attending a rock concert. I looked for a parking space. The lot reserved for the event was full. There were cars everywhere, from McDonalds to Payless, Radio Shack to the Firestone tire shop. Even the … Continue reading

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Counting blessings

Early this evening, after the sun had gone down and the air had turned cold for the day, I scurried inside my house for the last time before bed. The kitchen smelled like a mixture of clean laundry and a … Continue reading

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A speech worth hearing

  I have a friend who doesn’t know she’s wonderful. Or she simply refuses to acknowledge it. Or she knows she’s wonderful but refuses to acknowledge it for sinister reasons.   I highly doubt the last possibility.   To be … Continue reading

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Guys the Bills passed up for Aaron Maybin

Here’s a list of notable players the Buffalo Bills could have drafted instead of Aaron Maybin in 2009: – Brian Cushing – Jeremy Maclin – Michael Oher – Clay Matthews – Mike Wallace Hope that makes other Bills fans feel … Continue reading

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Ignatius and his mother

In “Confederacy of Dunces,” an excellent novel, protagonist Ignatius Reilly appears to have it in for the entire world. He probably does. Nonetheless, included in that inventory of the entire world is his mother – a woman hopelessly preoccupied with … Continue reading

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