Christmas card

I wrote this in a Christmas card for Kalista this year and thought it was worth sharing. She got it with the attached photo in a Princess Belle frame along with a Belle doll I told her was not to be taken out of its package. She was mildly disappointed.


I have watched you grow from a baby who could barely speak into a little girl who cannot satisfy her thirst for the world. From Ariel to Cinderella to Bugs Bunny, Hannah Montana and Belle, the only part of you that has remained the same is your heart – your compassionate, trusting heart.

Not a member of your family is without your unconditional love. You have always had an affection for animals – and this has blossomed into dreams of becoming a veterinarian. My, how satisfying it is to watch this love focus as you mature into a sweet young lady!

But, my dear, I hope you never get too old to know you’re a princess. I hope you never lose sight of fairy tale endings, never stop believing dreams come true and always hold out for a prince. I hope you discover what Ariel, Cinderella and Belle all had: happiness.

Kalista, my life is a fairy tale because of you. Never did I expect, while embarking on journeys of my own, that what would bring sincere pleasure to my life is family. I did not know I’ve always had what I need, but you remind me every day.

You are my fairy tale ending and dream-come-true. You make me happier than I ever thought I could be. You are my princess.

I love you.

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