Yep … it’s delicious

We visited Yep it’s Yogurt today.

Twice, actually.

Here’s what works for the joint:

1.) It’s yogurt. Yep … it’s yogurt. Supposedly, this is a more healthful alternative to ice cream. It could be true – my blood sugar got low shortly after eating it both times because I took almost as much insulin as I would for ice cream. Point: there must be less sugar and fewer carbohydrates, although I was too lazy to look at the booklet of nutrition facts provided at the counter.

2.) It’s clean. It’s a new place. Of course it’s going to be clean. Still, I was glad to see the teenaged employees rinsing the trays under the yogurt dispensers before they could look like a cesspool  for bacteria. The toppings weren’t nasty, either, despite the number of inconsiderate customers a self-serve place is likely to attract.

3.) It’s not expensive. I paid a little more than $8 for two decent-sized cups of topping-covered goodness with Kalista this afternoon. When my mom, dad and uncle joined us in the evening, the bill was less than $20. Cheap? No, but it’s certainly not more than the other ice cream-type places.

4.) It’s good. The yogurt tastes like ice cream. It doesn’t taste like rich and creamy ice cream, but it’s better than watery medicine, which is what I expected.

Here’s what doesn’t work:

1.) The décor sucks. I walked in and immediately felt out of place. Think of Pee Wee Herman’s playhouse. The rounded neon chairs with high backs and no legs made me feel like an idiot sitting at the space-age table. I know the kind of look the Florida-based place is going for, but it doesn’t seem to work here.

2.) It now makes three ice cream-type places in a half-mile area. And there aren’t any others in Greenwood, including Uptown. Regardless, this can’t be good for the other two frozen treat businesses. I predict Marble Slap will be odd man out. When is someone going to put an ice cream shop Uptown so Kalista and I can have a treat when we’re out on the bikes?

(I’m not messing with that stupid bypass on a bicycle.)

If it can make you this happy, it can’t be all bad!

3.) Its website is sketchy. This is more of a personal preference, but I’m not a fan of significant organizations not having legitimate websites. Yep it’s Yogurt’s is literally one page with a couple of links at the bottom. When I see the website of a national chain (although it’s yet to become truly nationwide), I want to read about its history, how to contact the corporate office, how to order online and where I can find more locations. None of that is on Yep it’s Yogurt’s website.

4.) The selection could be better. There are probably 10 choices. Granted, they’re all good ones (peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla, peach, cupcake, strawberry, white chocolate, etc., etc., etc.), but the selection could be better.

(I craved banana yogurt with mango and marshmallow toppings.)

5.) I want a milkshake. Fact: my 71-year-old uncle gets a vanilla milkshake no matter where we go to eat. Even places that don’t seem to have milkshakes suddenly have milkshakes when we go there for a meal. I was disappointed to see Yep it’s Yogurt is organized so employees don’t have to do anything other than weigh yogurt, take the payments from customers and restock product. Of course, this could be how the place manages to stay so clean.

I feel bad having one more negative thing to say about the place than positive. It was actually one of the best experiences I’ve had with a food service joint in this town. I’m delighted to see people are getting onboard with eating more responsibly – and that entrepreneurs are smart enough to take advantage.

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