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A Dollhouse

Fred Bassett It covers her grave in the Lanett Cemetery. Her father built it with red brick walls, a green-singled roof, windows with white awnings, a solid door with a lock. Perhaps the mother chose the toys both old and … Continue reading

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Slowly but surely

I enjoy riding my bike. I have three of the contraptions: a road bike, a mountain bike and a former mountain bike that is now my “grocery getter.” Both of my mountain bikes are Treks. I bought the first in college to get … Continue reading

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I wish I could write about How it feels to watch My daughter turn 7.   I would describe the thud that Comes with it to recall when She’s 11.   Maybe I could add a part about The lump … Continue reading

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Letting them go

There can be nothing better than watching a late-day summer storm roll in from the front porch swing with my daughter. “Purple at the top and then orange at the bottom,” she says of the sunset. The orange takes over. It makes … Continue reading

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Gifts from father to son

(Another Fred Bassett dandy) It’s hard to keep saying “no” to a child’s incessant begging, even if it’s for a wicked dart gun just waiting to blind a brother. In a moment of weakness, I reasoned that I could balance … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast, old folks and more

Here’s some of what’s been rolling around in my head lately: CW TELEVISION NETWORK PLANS TO LAUNCH A SERIES BASED ON “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.” As a defenseless child, I recall watching a grownup version of this fairy tale with every … Continue reading

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To George Wither on Love

By my motorcycle boot-wearing friend and local legend, Fred Bassett     How clever you were George Wither never to anguish over love, to control your heart like a logician.   doing dry proofs in a cloistered study, to care not … Continue reading

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