Behold the power of silence,

The force of your thoughts,

The guilty caress of your void.


Observe the effects of no words,

See the quiet cut,

See the inferno of nothing.


For it’s not what you say to me,

Nor what you dream in my presence,

Nor how you’re perceived by classes,

Nor why one’s fond of your essence,


No, ’tis not a trait that you have,

Or adoration you’ve provoked,

That makes you appealing to hearts,

That’s earned you the roots of my hope.


It’s the wonder of what you love,

That conjures my thoughts,

That draws my foolish attention.


Behold my imagination,

The rat that can lie,

The stimulus that you trigger.

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6 Responses to Adore

  1. amy a says:

    Wow! I hope you did actually author this, otherwise I’m exceedingly impressed by someone else’s work and contributing to your plagarism by sharing it! It’s quite beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a poem from you, hence my surprise.

    • Debra Padgett says:

      Your blogs are shared with me via Amy, and I’ve read them and enjoyed the content and the viewpoint. But, this poem strikes a note, hits a chord, rings my bells to the point that I had to tell you, just as you are telling your “Adored” in this, poem of points to ponder. The imagination sure can be a lying rat at times. Fortunately, this time it produced a present for your readers.

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