To George Wither on Love

By my motorcycle boot-wearing friend and local legend, Fred Bassett  


How clever you were George Wither

never to anguish over love,

to control your heart like a logician.


doing dry proofs in a cloistered study,

to care not or not to care for any woman

with a rational switch in your mind.


I, not so prepared for Ann McMurphy,

embraced her love with total abandon,

assuming the clocks were set for life.


But she, with a consumer’s taste,

left me bobbing like an apple core

in the wake of her thirteenth summer.


Unable to drop its golden idol,

my dumb heart waited for her mythic return

as the years slipped slowly toward manhood.


Oh, you were clever George Wither

to shield yourself from such a woman,

and yet I marvel that I do not envy you.



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