I wish I could write about

How it feels to watch

My daughter turn 7.


I would describe the thud that

Comes with it to recall when

She’s 11.


Maybe I could add a part about

The lump in my throat that

Comes with thoughts


Of days gone too soon and afternoons

At the park and the kites

That I bought.


Or I might include a thing or two

On footprints in the sand

At the beach


That washed away years ago but seem

As though they’re still

Within my reach.


Possibly someday I’ll write a

Poem about joy that’s not

In my world,


As I watch my little baby

Transform from a child

Into a girl.


She’ll no doubt be thrilled at her party, my

Daughter who turns 7



She’ll love her cake, presents, boat ride,

Candles and everything we

Have to say.


For we’ll act delighted (I will, too)

To welcome the next year

Of her life.


Even I shall try not to appear

The entire event seems

A strife.


But behind my smile and laughter

Will be a man who’s not

In Heaven.


Yes, I sure do wish I could write

About watching my daughter

Turn 7.


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2 Responses to Seven

  1. Syd says:

    Wonderful Justin!!!!

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