Hello again

Let’s not waste time stating the obvious.

My blog went “private” for a while and now it’s back – looking a little different. If you want to know more, read the apropos.

To those who e-mailed asking for the password to see my blog, I’m sorry I never replied. I did not want to delete my blog, but I didn’t want anyone to see it while under construction.

You should know I’m still not finished making it what I want. You should also know what I want may not be what you want. Sorry.

Gone will be the senseless ramblings from 2006 and thereabouts. Many of these were angry posts that reflected irresponsibility, recklessness and – frankly – stupidity on the part of a college student majoring in English and inundated daily by sermons from a class of elitist English professors. While I plan to retain these pieces for future reference, I no longer believe they  reflect the person I am. I do not wish to have them associated with the rest of my blog.

Never again will you read about politics. Folks are turned off by politics on non-political blogs. In fact, they hold so much disdain for the topic when reading non-political blogs that they’ll actually stop reading it completely if they catch the scent of such. It’s one thing if someone posts political news on their blog that is strictly about politics because that’s what readers expect to find … but mixing it with stories about child-rearing and a ravenous love affair with western New York just doesn’t work.

You will also find accurate categories. This is to make it simpler to read what you like. In the past, I’ve not exhausted much energy categorizing my blogs and even had some categories that were rarely used. Those are gone. Along with cutting out “bad” posts, I plan to categorize those that remain to further enhance your experience on my blog.

I’m doing this to help my career. I can’t reveal too many details publicly, but this blog is a significant marketing tool for me in my bid to create the future for which I’m destined. Bona fide authors, publishers and persons of that nature don’t want to read ridiculousness on my personal blog. I get that now.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: Despite being “away” for so long, I have been writing. I’ve also been taking pictures (with my real camera). I think I’ve come up with some stuff you’ll want to read.

So check back … again and again.

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