Why I don’t write about politics

I get asked this from time to time:

“Why don’t you write about politics like you used to?”

See (and you really can see for yourself), back a few years ago, when I was in college, I reached a level of writing about politics that did one of the following to the readers of my blog:

  • bored them
  • excited them
  • infuriated them
  • interested them
  • informed them

I really just wanted to excite or infuriate them. Of course, back then, I didn’t know how to do anything like that. I think I just entertained a lot of them.


Here’s why:


I actually recognized this during Rep. Ron Paul’s rise to power. Believe it or not, I was a fan of that guy before it was cool to be a fan of that guy. We’re talking 10 years ago. On the surface, I loved his principles of “limited” government and returning the “power” to the people.

It wasn’t until I sat through a presentation by a Libertarian newspaper columnist – required by my employer of that time, a Libertarian newspaper – that I noticed how idealistic, unrealistic and cold Libertarianism is.

For it to work, citizens of the United States would have to be perfect. In reality, citizens of the United States are human

… and there would be dead bodies in the streets of American cities if a Libertarian government were installed.

We can’t have that. Seriously, guys. We can’t have that.

Remember the debate in which Paul was asked what he thought should happen to a cancer patient who did not have health insurance and someone in the audience yelled,

“Let him die”

with the passion, determination and ruthlessness only Ron Paul supporters seem to have?

THAT is why I do not support this man. While his supporters spew hatred, I believe he supports it … silently, powerfully and with no compassion for the uneducated poor whatsoever.

While I love the idea of Libertarianism, it would not work because we have created a culture in which some folks – as feared and discussed so dreadfully – “live off the government.” Yes, it does happen.

And if you’d get off your soap box and visit an area of the country that may not be like the Small Town, U.S.A., in which you were raised and still reside, you may actually see it.

But now I’m writing about politics. That’s not why I’m posting this.

I am posting this because a Texas father was arrested Wednesday morning after authorities say he used a box cutter to carve a religious-oriented pentagram into his 6-year-old son’s bare back.

You can read about it for yourself here.

First, if this man is guilty, he deserves serious jail time. The department of corrections is meant to correct behaviors exactly like this.

He is more of a threat to our country, society and civilization in general than any welfare-using, Obama-voting target of hateful facebook posts regarding fake nails and iPhones.

Secondly, this man is EXACTLY why I do not subscribe to Libertarianism and no longer write about politics. He is a misguided idiot who actually believes (or at least told police he believes) something in the Holy Bible gave him the idea to carve a symbol into a 6-year-old he helped create and smear his blood around the front door of their home.

Of course, the news story suggests something different. The news story suggests he may have never picked up the damn Bible had he not:

  • lost his job as a trucker
  • flipped out on a judge
  • gone to jail because he flipped out on a judge
  • required surgery when he did not have health insurance
  • endured subsequent marital problems with his Filipino wife he met on the Internet

This guy didn’t tattoo his son because of something he read in the Bible. This guy did that to his son because he …

… just can’t get the hang of how things are done in society.

(I won’t suggest a large portion of this guy’s stress over money may have been averted had Socialized health care been in place. No, I won’t point that out because it would blow your mind to read how “un-American” I must be.)

Anyway, this guy is just the latest who has made me realize it’s the Americans – not the American government – who need addressed. We have citizens who are being misled, misguided and, unfortunately, empowered.

Until they are treated, represented and/or brought to justice, we will never be all that we can be.

It’s exactly the time to be benevolent. It’s exactly the time to be engaged. It’s exactly the time to be compassionate. It’s exactly the time to be sympathetic and empathetic.

It is exactly the time to be emotional.

That is why I don’t write about politics. There are too many other things that take precedence.

THAT – I assure you – is in the Bible.


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One Response to Why I don’t write about politics

  1. I agree with your opinion Justin… There is something wrong with the people now that never seemed to be wrong before…something deadly and scary…The people who are going around shooting random people for no apparent reason, the mother who killed her baby because she said “God told her to”…and so much more…. I am afraid for our children and grand childern in the years to come….and truthfully, if I were just 20 years younger, I would leave this country that I love, and live somewhere as an ex-patriot….and that breaks my heart…
    About the “system”, what they need to do is have some one in the county and state offices of medicare, medicaid, food program, and such to just look and watch the people in there, as I did when applying for the food stamp program…I was appalled at what I saw.. Young adults, and yes they were mostly african american and latino, that looked perfectly able to be out working and helping themselves…instead of lying, and, Yes I heard them talk among themselves about what to say, how to “use” the system, and they get what they want…Meanwhile, when it was my turn, I was given $16 a month to help me…A widow, 69 years old, alone with no other income but S.S….They said i was and i quote, ” just a bit above the poverty level”, and that was all I could get….It makes me fighting mad, but unable to do anything about it…enough said, I’m sorry i got going on this.
    I love to read your blogs, keep up the good work, you may one day be famous…

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