Cover me

She comes into my life and out as a song I often recall.

Her affection is mindless and unintended, but potent nonetheless.

Her charm does not aim at my eyes or my ears, my attention or my heart.

It just falls at these places and makes them hers.

I am moved.

“Cover me,” I say. “Shield me with your charisma; guide me with your smile.

“Do what you do when you bless me with your presence.” For – as a song I cannot

Forget because I do not want to forget because it makes me fall in love each time

It plays – I am lost in the possibilities of the present when she’s near.

Oh, her grace.

Oh, her flare.

Oh, her lust for life.

She can sing without opening her mouth.

  • With her, comes peace
  • With her, comes inspiration
  • With her, comes comfort
  • With her, comes happiness
  • With her I want to be
And that is how I feel about the snow.


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7 Responses to Cover me

  1. You move me with your words Justin..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent, Justine. You surprised me with its beginning (knowing you as I think I do), and then you surprised me again with its ending.

  3. Wilda Stark says:

    I enjoy your writing so much…. Also glad to see when your Mom posts your work (and play).

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