Sweet resolve

Let’s do something no one else has done.

Let’s discuss New Year resolutions how cliche resolutions are after New Year’s. 

Although I am mildly convinced a person shouldn’t wait to improve him or herself, blogging about it would be just as stupid as – well – waiting for a specific day to improve myself.

Yet I’m about to do each simultaneously.

I should resolve to follow my own Joel Olsteen-like advice. 

Several things have changed in my life since the last time I blogged. For one, I have a fiance, a son and a “traditional” family of four now. It’s good being too busy to write blog posts regularly.

(but it’s not good being too busy to show how much I love those I love)

I’m not too busy for anything. I choose to do something instead of what I should be doing because it’s either more convenient or requires less thought or effort and/or less of ME. That’s the problem. 

For 2014, I resolve to  do a better job prioritizing. At the top of the list needs to be showing those I love that I love them. I used to be more spontaneous and surprising. I used to regularly write my lady love letters that were innocent and sincere. They took matters of minutes, but included tons of my heart. I stopped leaving her these communications on note pads, chalk boards, refrigerators and car dash boards when I started having less time to author them. Same with our children – it seems I’m always “too busy” to give them what they need: my undivided attention. My goal lately has been to get them ready for school or wherever we’re going, out the door, to the destination and home without noticing we’re spending time together because – alas – I’m too busy for that. 

But am I really too busy? 


I’m actually just choosing to do or want to do or think about or pay attention to something else.

I resolve to be better at remembering the important stuff in 2014.

Life is supposed to be a tour, not a race. We’re not being timed how quickly we can reach the end of things. The journey IS your reward.

I’m going to try really hard to remember this.

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