Where there’s smoke

Sure was cold today.

This afternoon, The One Who Torments proclaimed she was reporting The One I Love to The Law for child abuse. Apparently, The One Who Torments believes her disdain for The One I Love translates into something that is illegal.

I, meanwhile, believe The One Who Torments is bat shit crazy. It would be relatively shocking to know she pouted to the police on the taxpayers’ dime because she cannot get her wish to remove The One I Love from my life, but just one day prior, she threatened reporting me to the authorities for something else. The day before that, she reported to the police something else had happened (I cannot recall, specifically). If The One Who Torments is not calling the police on me or the One I Love or someone we know, she’s alerting lawmen in another state over nothingness concerning my sibling.

Nothing The One Who Torments does these days is surprising or even alarming. I do not bat an eye when I hear of The One Who Torments’ latest antics.

Bat. Shit. Crazy.

I felt a release this afternoon when speaking to The One I Love. We are truly in love; our children are happy. No harm shall come to them. The One Who Torments hates us for it.

However, a shred of love is more powerful than a million tons of hate. There is nothing The One Who Torments can do to pull us apart – not because we are stubborn or because we’re trying to win a contest, but because we are in love.

There is nothing we can do to stop The One Who Torments, either.

So she shall torment on. And we shall go about our business.

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2 Responses to Where there’s smoke

  1. Sharon E. Barber says:

    Justin~~ Just to let you know….I’m on your side on this one. I had a Mom just like this…drove my brother and I crazy. It’s ok, tho…you’re allowed to love her….just not like the way she is. ((hugs)) Cousin Sharon (Elaine)

  2. Emily Kilgus (Schoenberger) says:

    Spineless. Weak. Just like him. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

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