I do not believe in vengeance. I believe in attacking a situation at its foundation.

What is it that’s really the problem? Identify it; treat it. Don’t become distracted by things out of your control or you will lose sight of what needs to be done to overcome.  

As a parent, I’m quick to point out to my children there’s exactly one person we all can change: ourselves. But I’m not so quick to live by these words. I still find myself wanting to stop someone from doing something. I continue to want to change others to accommodate me. 

It isn’t until I take a step back and remember my fatherly advice that something productive happens.

What’s done is done. You can’t go back in time and undo something. Perhaps I was too naïve. Perhaps I had my head in the sand. Maybe I trusted someone I should have feared and he or she hurt me in some way.

Doesn’t matter now, for I do not control the past. I can, however, control the future … my future and, to some degree, my family’s future. I learn from my mistakes.

But I do not believe in revenge. There’s no time for that. We all have enough on our plates using the past to make sense of the present in an effort to shape our future. Someone who’s spiteful is unproductive; his or her revenge and hate is consuming, and they’ve not the capacity for much else.

It is best to cut ties with a spiteful person.


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2 Responses to Vengence

  1. Sharon Barber says:

    Thanks for removing my post, Justin. What? The truth hurt?

    • No. You brought a private matter involving my daughter into a public forum. I doubt she wants the world to know about this.

      Sharon, I thought you were more responsible, thoughtful and mature than this. I thought you were better than the comment you left, having never heard both sides of the story.

      If you are going to continue this trend, I ask that you do not visit my blog. Thank you.

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