Shut up and let me be happy

BzSKlv2IAAAAIimPlease let me like Kyle Orton.

I know he has a mustache and an awful wardrobe. He’s old, kind of weird and was benched for Tim Tebow. I know all of that.

But please let me like him.

MOST PERSONS KNOW by now my love for the Buffalo Bills creates expectations and optimism that are unrealistic. Yes, I believe the Bills can win the Super Bowl. This year.

Perhaps my aforementioned optimism is responsible for my antics on Facebook while the Bills are playing. What am I talking about with this “perhaps” stuff … of course my optimism does this stuff. My optimism for the Bills translates to optimism for Kyle Orton, their new starting quarterback.

I’m talking to you, Bears fans who want to say, “Oh, just wait – he’ll let you down.”

I’m talking to you, Bills fans who point out Orton’s no long-term solution.

Please. All of you. Just shut up.



AM I THE ONLY person who witnessed the travesty that was weeks three and four of the second season of E.J. Manuel’s career? It was like watching a blind photographer take pictures at a NASCAR race. Terrible.

Enter Orton in Week Five and I’m thinking the Bills definitely could have beaten Houston and probably could have topped San Diego one week prior. Orton was everything Manuel hasn’t been: calm, confident and effective.

Listen, Bears fans … I know Orton let you down. I know he went from average to poor before losing his job to Jay Cutler. But Jay Cutler sucks for you too – and he has real receivers to help him. Orton had Devin Hester.

IT’S A PERFECT storm in Buffalo for Orton. It’s a perfect place for any quarterback, really … any quarterback except Manuel, who, except for talent, has everything a quarterback needs to be successful in the NFL. He’s got great receivers, a solid running game and a stout defense. Manuel might be the only quarterback in the league who could actually fail in Buffalo.

But Orton will also have fan support if he keeps on winning. However, after the Doug Flutie-Rob Johnson saga, which Bills fans still recall vividly, Bills fans are still waiting for something stupid to happen … like Orton leading Buffalo to the playoffs and coach Doug Marrone deciding to start Manuel once they get there.

So while many feel like I do – just happy to not suck again – most are reluctant to show their joy over Orton’s success.

Perhaps I’m naïve for sharing mine.

But it’s my right. I’m happy. The Bills are doing more than playing for a good draft pick – there seems to be as many teams worse than them as there are better.

Let me have my moment. I may go down in a fire of disappointment, but I won’t force anyone to go with me.

I’m excited about Kyle Orton and no one will stop me.

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