Focusing my disappointment

This guy could have stopped Gronkowski

This guy could have stopped Gronkowski Sunday. But he wasn’t there. So we had to listen to Gronkowski after the game.

I’ve had 24 hours and some change to digest the Buffalo Bills’ 37-22 loss to the New England Patriots. While I was successful in my bid to make it seem to my daughter and other small children around me Sunday afternoon that this didn’t matter, moping my way through work today, I discovered it actually did.

  • Duke Williams’ pass interference was the worst I’ve ever seen. My Facebook friends can vouch for me: I said this long before the national sports writers did. I mean, what the Hell? The receiver was not going to catch that pass. No way. I remember watching the play, seeing the ball sail in, see where the receiver was and doing the math quickly in my head: Nope, not going to be a completion. Whew! But not so fast … Duke Williams was there to push him like a spoiled fat kid for the mere Hell of it. Better safe than sorry, right? YOU’RE WRONG, DUKE. WAY WRONG.
  • Speaking of Duke Williams, just how bad was he? I’ve learned the quickest way to analyze a cornerback’s performance while watching the game on TV is to count the number of times you see him. The less you see him, the better he played. Consider Darrelle Revis Sunday. You rarely saw him because the cameras typically follow the ball and since he was handling Bills WR Sammy Watkins pretty well, balls weren’t coming his way. Williams, on the other hand, was all over my TV. That was because he sucked. If he wasn’t making stupid penalties, he was getting toasted by New England’s brigade of no-name receivers. He made me miss Aaron Williams and think Stephon Gilmore isn’t so bad … and that’s saying something.
  • I resorted to wishing players would get hurt. Specifically Ron Gronkowski. I still hate that guy. I just cracked my knuckles looking at his name because I SAW IT SO MANY TIMES SUNDAY – and none that made me particularly happy. Listen. The Bills cannot stop this guy. They physically do not have a man on their active roster who can stop him. Their best bet is a sociopath who went out for the year before he was even supposed to be practicing. I had no choice but to rejoice when Gronkowski went down in the third quarter with a leg injury that turned out to be an elbow injury. “Damn,” I thought when he came back. “He’s still alive.” Side note: I stated I wished PLAYERS would get hurt … that’s because I also wished Tom Brady would go down with a vagina injury. That’s actually not unusual for me.
  • For the record, I do not want Rob Gronkowski on my team. I know, I know he’s from the Buffalo area. He acts just like a smart ass from Western New York. And he’s (gulp) With all respect to Scott Chandler, especially since he actually made some big catches yesterday (as opposed to big fumbles), Gronkowski in Buffalo seems like a match made in Heaven. But it’s not. This guy has single-handedly beaten the Bills too many times for me to EVER cheer for him. I hope he skips his annual mammogram. I reserve the word “hate” for special occasions. I even discourage my daughter from using it. But I hate Rob Gronkowski. That will never change.
  • How is Kyle Orton THIS MUCH BETTER than EJ Manuel? Let’s see. Manuel is younger. He’s a physical specimen. He’s had every opportunity and resource available afforded to him by the Buffalo Bills organization the past two seasons. Everyone wants him to succeed; no one really cares if Orton sucks. Well, people care because the Bills will be more successful if Orton does not suck. But no one’s losing his front office job if Orton’s play resembles his physical appearance. Yet, in two games against two pretty stout defenses, with practically no preparation and literally no preseason reps with the Bills, Orton’s thrown for nearly 1/4 the yards Manuel has in his career and turned Buffalo’s red zone offense into something that’s actually pretty effective. We all know Orton isn’t this good … which might suggest Manuel was that
  • I’m through betting on Spiller. I believed Spiller would be a star long before that magical second season he had. This is because I live in South Carolina and watched him play at Clemson and was fed A LOT of hype about him by Clemson fans. You know what? I bought it. He was He still can be good, as evidenced by the flashes of greatness he shows in the open field. I’ve cursed offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett for running him up the middle and even – yes, it’s become this bad – wished Chan Gailey would come back just to call plays for the offense with the stipulation he’s never, ever allowed to use an empty backfield or Trent Edwards. Gailey knew how to use Spiller. Gotta give him that. But we have Nathaniel Hackett now and I have to accept that. I … must … accept …    That said, Spiller needs to stop doing the dancing around in the backfield shit that made him look like an upright epileptic his rookie season. Until he does that, I’m onboard with the sports writers labeling him trade bait.
  • Thank God we play Minnesota next. That’s all I have to say about that.
  • What’s the deal with Mike Williams? I like Marquise Goodwin and obviously Kyle Orton enjoys his presence, but the man has one route. Granted, he does it faster than many humans and several predatory animals, but it’s becoming rather predictable. We need Williams’ experience as a possession receiver and definitely could have used him Sunday, but I read he was deactivated at the last second to make room on the roster for Kyle Williams. Probably should have deactivated Duke Williams and had Mike Williams play in his spot on defense, since Duke Williams decided to leave his common sense at home. Anyway, I also read it seems like there’s some sort of squabble going on that could leave Mike Williams permanently deactivated as far as the Bills are concerned. That’s too bad, but oh well. Saint Doug has made it pretty clear he wants to be a hard ass. Mike Williams should have seen it coming, especially given his history with Marrone.
  • Thank God we play Minnesota next. Did I already say that?
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