FORMERLY KNOWN as “eveningson,” this is the blog of Justin – a guy who hopes to be someone someday.

He is:

  • raising a child alone
  • employed by a health care facility (and determined to keep it out of his blog)
  • younger than 30
  • a college graduate
  • certain he should be doing more with his life

Why the blog name change?

“Eveningson” is no longer appropriate. It never was. Perhaps it felt to him as though it fit the exact moment he came up with the name years ago, but that stopped being true the exact moment later.

So here is “Just Carrying On.” Once again, it feels appropriate, for he is “just carrying on” – a term used regularly and repeatedly by his uncle, Dickie.

Another title considered was “Next Chapter.” Ultimately, Justin decided against this because it reminded him of everyone’s high school yearbook. It could be the most appropriate, though, as his life seems to be enduring stages or “chapters.” (More on that in a blog post some day.)

THE PROGRESSION is as illustrated by the following crude timeline:

Thus, you have another reason “Next Chapter” didn’t make the cut. “Next Chapter” implies Justin’s life is some book that’s already been written. It isn’t. Justin realized on his 28th birthday that he’s going to die someday. That’s when he decided it’s more important to live life than plan for retirement (which he doubts he’ll live to see anyway).

“Just Carrying On” is so much better because “carrying on” is literally all he’s doing … and he finds that a lot more fun. Subscribe to this blog or at least check back regularly and you’ll likely see why.

Here’s a rundown of the categories you’ll find:

  • STORIES   Most of Justin’s professional experience entails journalism. He loves to report the findings of a day.
  • KALISTA   Justin’s daughter is the center of his universe. Naturally, he writes a lot about her.
  • PHILOSOPHIES AND RANTS  From time to time, Justin feels the need to share his beliefs on a topic, current event or moral code. These posts are “philosophies” if he stops at that; they become “rants” once he goes on and on about them.
  • BIKE RIDES  Justin enjoys riding his bicycle. A lot. He also enjoys sharing what he gains on a bike ride.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY  Because he is in high demand and sometimes lazy, the best way to share things can be through pictures.
  • GREATNESS  Inspiration can take the form of a person or set of circumstances. Count on plenty of writings about greatness in Justin’s life.
  • BUFFALO BILLS  Is it possible that Bills coach Chan Gailey reads this blog? Justin thinks so. Expect Bills ramblings – including analysis of most games – during the season.
  • POETRY  Don’t expect much in this. Occasionally, a verse or two will come to Justin and he’ll share.
  • POTPOURRI  Anything that doesn’t fall into the above categories but needs to be shared.

Happy reading, folks.


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