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The fabric of our lives

“I want to try this one.” Her tiny hands touched the green playground slide, gripping the raised edges as the rest of her body climbed aboard. She wanted to experience the twisty slide – the more dangerous of the playground’s … Continue reading

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The drama of drama: learning through our children

My 7-year-old daughter loves being the center of attention. But she can’t stand being laughed at. The very thought of making a mistake or inciting laughter by doing something she didn’t mean to be funny is enough to shake her confidence, … Continue reading

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Killing time

While time in general goes by quickly, time as a parent has never truly existed. Moments as a mother or father end as soon as they begin, leaving the lot of us dazed and hoping we never forget these pockets of time. This … Continue reading

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You can’t be young forever

So I realized this week I’m getting old. Something like that, anyway. At Walgreens last week I was more than delighted to see a fully-stocked aisle of Halloween decorations, candy and things of the sort. Eight minutes passed before I realized I … Continue reading

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A mourning

I am in mourning this morning. Like an alarm clock that rings when you least desire, Duncan – my parents’ black lab – has awoke. Sandy – a mutt of a dog I got my daughter on her 5th birthday … Continue reading

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Raising a lady

One of my worst fears as a father is Kalista’s going to grow up to be a female supremacist. Even worse is the thought I’d be the culprit. I can see her now: some angry Sinead O’Connor-with-Susan-B.-Anthony-hair kind of woman, shaking her fist … Continue reading

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